Ordinary Differential Equations I

This Student Guide is the most comprehensive and detailed of its kind. It explains all topics in detail, with numerous worked out examples, followed by numerous practice examples.

This Student Guide includes:

  • Complete Course Notes (351 pages), with all topics worked out and explained in detail
  • Approximately 255 worked out examples with no missing steps
  • Approximately 121 practice examples (with full solutions)
  • Formula Sheets

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A Supplement Guide (54 pages) is also available for this Student Guide. This Supplement Guide discusses topics of an Ordinary Differential Equations I course that a professor may not cover in great detail as the student should know these topics from previous math courses. These topics include:

  1. u-Substitution
  2. Integration by Parts
  3. Solving Systems of Equations (Elimination Method and Substitution Method)
  4. Partial Fractions
  5. Completing the Square
  6. Long Division
  7. L’Hôpital’s Rule

The cost of this Supplement Guide is $15.00 + tax.

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