Welcome to St. John’s only Mathematics and Statistics specific tutoring company specializing in tutoring all high school, all CNA, and most MUN, MI, and Athabasca mathematics and statistics courses. We also have specialists capable of tutoring most Engineering Mathematics courses, as well as mathematics preparation for the GED, ABE, and the GMAT. Click here for a complete list of post-secondary institutions and course offerings. Is your course not listed? Contact us today to inquire about tutoring possibilities.

Premiere Math Tutors offers comprehensive one-on-one tutorials, midterm/final exam tutorials, study materials for the Math Placement Test (MPT), the Calculus Placement Test (CPT), and numerous resources for multiple Mathematics, Statistics, and Engineering Math courses.

Premiere Math Tutors is now offering services aiding in the compilation of documents involving LaTeX. Documents include, but are not limited to: course materials (e.g., course notes, assignments, solutions, etc.), undergraduate, master’s, & Ph.D theses, and papers to be published in reputable journals.