Math 2260 Final Exam Review Package

This 50 page Final Exam preparation guide includes examples dealing with the following topics:

  1. Method of Integrating Factors (Linear Equations)
  2. Method of Separation of Variables (Separable Equations)
  3. “Homogeneous” Equations (Reducible to Separable)
  4. Bernoulli Equations (Reducible to Linear)
  5. Other Types of Substitutions
  6. Exact Equations and Integrating Factors
  7. Word Problems
  8. Intervals of Definition
  9. Homogeneous Equations
  10. Method of Reduction of Order
  11. Method of Undetermined Coefficients
  12. Method of Variation of Parameters
  13. The Euler Equation
  14. LaPlace Transforms

All problems come with full solutions at a cost of $30.00 + tax.

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