Math 1051 Final Exam Review Package

This 50 page Final Exam preparation guide includes examples dealing with the following topics:

  1. Number Systems
  2. Base Conversions
  3. Divisibility Rules
  4. Converting Decimals to Fractions
  5. Congruences
  6. Properties of Number Systems
  7. Greatest Common Divisors and Least Common Multiples
  8. Perimeter and Area
  9. Volume and Surface Area
  10. Similar Triangles
  11. Matrix Equations and Matrix Word Problems
  12. Matrix Operations
  13. Matrix Inverses
  14. Matrix Row Operations
  15. Linear Programming (Optimization)
  16. Optimization Word Problems
  17. Proofs by Contradiction

All problems come with full solutions at a cost of $30.00 + tax.

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